3M Unitek Gemini Clear Ceramic Brackets

8,500.00 7,000.00

3M Unitek™ Gemini Brackets are known worldwide for their quality and consistent performance. Now you can offer your patients these great features plus the attractive aesthetics of ceramics by choosing 3M Unitek™ Gemini Clear Ceramic Brackets.

3M Unitek™ Gemini Clear Ceramic Brackets have the look that patients around the world request. Made of a strong translucent ceramic material, these brackets blend with the patient's tooth color, so appearance-minded patients of all ages can smile with confidence during treatment. They are designed to be comfortable to wear, with rounded corners, angled bi-directional hooks and a smooth dome-shaped profile.

Easy Debonding with the 3M Unitek exclusive Stress Concentrator: The Unitek™ Gemini Clear Ceramic Bracket base includes aproprietary 3M Unitek designed stress concentrator, to take the uncertainty out of ceramic bracket debonding. Enjoy predictable debonding with a gentle mesial-distal squeeze on the bracket.

Features and Benefits:

  • True-Twin Design - Improved Rotational Control
  • Ample Under Tie-Wing Area - Easy Ligation
  • Torque-in-Base - Level Slot Line-Up
  • Base Flange - Easier Bracket Placement
  • Micro-crystalline Base - Reliable Bond Strength
  • APC™ II Adhesive - Fewer Bonding Steps Saves Time