These are high quality autoclavable Impression Trays. these are made from high quality medical grade plastic material.

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These are high quality autoclavable Impression Trays. these are made from high quality medical grade plastic material.


Made up of high-quality plastic.

Ideally used in recording impressions for dentulous cases.

Cotisen impression trays have a smooth and curved border for ease in impression taking following the anatomy of maxilla and mandible.
Cotisen Autoclavable Impression trays are autoclavable.

Has Handle for easy insertion and removal.
Adjusts for maloccluded arches.
Prevents gagging while allowing freedom of movement.
Can be readily trimmed or softened while making adjustments.
Strong, rigid distortion free plastic construction.
Excellent retention of impression material with perfect perforations.
Smooth edges for patient comfort.
Key Specifications

Tray No.1 – Large Upper
Tray No.2 – Medium Upper
Tray No.3 – Small Upper
Tray No.4 – Large Upper
Tray No.5 – Medium Upper
Tray No.6 – Small Upper
Tray No.7 – Upper Left / Lower Right
Tray No.8 – Upper Right / Lower Left
Tray No.9 – Upper Anterior
Tray No.10 – Lower Anterior

Autocalvable Impression Tray can be heated to 121 degree Celsius, can be reused after sterilization,up to 10 times.
Uniquely designed trays made with sturdy and durable plastic,have an ergonomic design.
Impression Trays Autoclavable:

10 Piece per Pack (Size 0-4)

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