Indications for Healix Cal-B:

  • Temporary root canal filling material
  • Pulp capping
  • Weeping canals
  • Root resorption cases

Advantages of Healix Cal-B:

  • Premixed Formulation: Saves time and allows for easy application.
  • Paste Type Consistency: Provides superior control during application.
  • Water-Soluble Paste: Facilitates easy cleaning and removal from the canal.
  • Temporary Filling: Ideal for temporary filling material between appointments.
  • High pH: A pH greater than 12.5 creates an unfavorable environment for microbes.
  • High Radiopacity: Enhances radiological examination.


  • Do not refrigerate or freeze.
  • For use by dental professionals only.
  • Refer to storage temperature instructions.
  • Always keep the syringe tightly closed after each use.


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