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Grab 2 Packs of 6 Innovative Healix Conmem M3 Gold 4% Tapered Rotary NiTi Files for Just Rs. 1000!

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Revolutionize your root canal treatment with the remarkable Healix Conmem M3 Gold 4% Tapered Rotary NiTi files. Representing the pinnacle of third-generation Rotary Endodontic Instruments, these files redefine simplicity and effectiveness. Crafted for optimal root canal complex cleaning and shaping, they align perfectly with Schilders’ objectives.

Experience Effortless Excellence:
Say goodbye to complicated procedures. Healix Conmem M3 Gold files offer outstanding outcomes with minimal effort. Developed with a keen understanding of conventional rotary files’ limitations, these files undergo a specialized heat treatment process for unmatched flexibility. Unlike shape memory files, they maintain cutting efficiency even under stress, reducing treatment time and debris extrusion.

Unveiling Unmatched Advantages:

✓ Unique “S”-shaped Cross Section: Enhancing maneuverability.
✓ Dual-Blade Cutting Edge: Unsurpassed cutting efficiency.
✓ Proprietary Heat-Treated NiTi Wire: Exceptional fracture resistance.
✓ Progressive Pitch Design: Prevents screw-in effect, ensuring smooth progress.
✓ Safety Tip: Minimizes ledge formation, canal transportation & debris extrusion.
✓ Length Markings: Precise control over working length during preparation.
✓ Tip Size Indicator: Easy identification of instrument tip.
✓ Taper Indicator: Quick taper recognition – one ring for 0.04 Taper, two rings for 0.06 Taper.

Unlock Endodontic Excellence:
Engineered for endodontics, these files boast unparalleled flexibility and cutting efficiency. Whether your canals are narrow, medium, or wide, Healix Conmem M3 Gold files adapt seamlessly, ensuring optimal results.

Technical Specifications:

– Speed: 400 RPM
– Torque: 2 NCm

Packaging Options:

– Assorted: Pack of 6
– Individual: Pack of 6

Don’t Miss Out! Elevate your practice with the finest rotary files. Embrace innovation, precision, and efficiency with Healix Conmem M3 Gold 4% Tapered Rotary NiTi files. Order now and transform your endodontic procedures.

assorted rotart files frontassorted rotary files back

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Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

21mm, 25mm


#17-4%, #17-6%, #20-4%, #25-4%, #25-6%, #30-4%, 20-6%, 30-6%, Assorted


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