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Made in India Rotary Files


Healix M3 Gold Pro Rotary NiTi files are Made in India Control Memory NiTI Rotary files. They are heat treated files.Healix Lion Pro Rotary NiTi files are rotary files for conducting root canal treatment.It belongs to the third generation of Rotary Endodontic Instruments.It is extremely simply to use.These files help in cleaning and shaping of the root canal complex in accordance with Schilders objectives. It requires minimal effort and provides the clinician with excellent results.These are available in 21mm and 25mm

Healix® LiON NiTi files with Controlled Memory are up to 300% more resistant to cyclical fatigue compared to other NiTi files* which substantially helps reducing the incidence of file separation.

No rebound + Extreme flexibility= Superior canal tracking
Healix® LiON NiTi files have been manufactured utilizing a unique process that controls the material’s memory, making the files extremely flexible but without the shape memory of other NiTi files. This gives the file the ability to follow the anatomy of the canal very closely, reducing the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation.
Regains shape after sterilization = Multi-use
The shape and strength of files with straightened spirals can be restored during autoclave and reused. Files not returning to original shape should be discarded.
Healix® LiON files can be used with crown-down, step-back or our recommended single length technique.
Step by step instructions to use these rotary files:
Sx-Golden, S1-Purple, S2-White,F1-Yellow,F2-Red,F3-Blue
Step 1: Use manual K-File Preparation upto numbers #20 K-File. Create straight-line access to the canal orifice(s) with emphasis on flaring, flattening, and finishing the internal axial walls.
Step 2: Start the Endomotor (preferable Healix Endomatic Endomotor). Use the Sx File. Set Speed to 300 rpm and Torque 4.8 ncm or 48 mncm. Conduct orifice opener and create straight line access to the canal orifice with emphasis on flaring, flattening, and finishing the internal axial walls.
Step 3: Use S1 File.Set torque to 4.8 or 48. Take the S1 file -4 of the working length. Eg. if Apex is 20, go till 16.Use BRUSH AND FOLLOW MOTION TECHNIQUE.
Step 4: Use S2 At Torque of 1.5 ncm or 15mnm. Go full working length. Use BRUSH AND FOLLOW MOTION TECHNIQUE. S1 and S2 will clean the 1/3 and 2/3 of Coronal Area of Tooth Structure
Step 5: Use F1,F2,F3 as Finishing file which cleans the 1/3 and 2/3 of apical area. Below are the Torque to use for F1 F2 and F3. For these Finishing Files, FOLLOW AND BRUSH MOTION TECHNIQUE needs to be followed.
Step 5: Obturate using any Gutta Percha Points (GP Points) with Variable Tapered (F1,F2,F3)
Speed and Torque Setting for Healix Rotary files:
Instructions Torque for Endomotors
File Type Speed Healix  Others
Sx 300 48 mnm 4.8 ncm
S1 300 48 mnm 4.8 ncm
S2 300 15 mnm 1.5ncm
F1 300 15 mnm 1.5 ncm
F2 300 30 mnm 3.0 ncm
F3 300 30 mnm 3.0 ncm
Why should we use Healix® LiON files?
  1. To replace the use of hand files during initial root canal procedure.
  2. Enhanced performance of rotary file system shortens treatment time through use of fewer files per case, allowing for safe, efficient, conservative root canal treatment
  3. These files feature a unique cross section design that combines high efficiency and flexibility while being safe and resistant to fracture.
  4. Unprecendented Flexibility, strength & cutting efficiency
  5. Ease mechanical preparation of the root canal
  6. New comers to endodontics can be quickly & reliably achieve the results.
  7. Root canal system is highly complex & a practitioner may encounter varied type of anatomies
  8. Heat treatment reduces the cutting efficiency of the blades. Also, the flutes of these files open up as stress levels are encountered in the canal resulting in increased preparation time & apical extrusion of debris.


  1. Controlled Memory NiTi Technology™ increases file strength and its flexibility. This results up to 350% greater resistance to cyclic fatigue stresses. Thus reducing the chances of file breakages.
  2. Controlled Memory NiTi Technology allows natural canal tracking and files can be pre-bent if needed. Typically the fluted portion of the file will straighten out or unwind before separation occurs.


1) Cyclic Resistant

350% more resistant to cyclic fatigue

Improved Resistant, cyclic fatigue resistance time

Triangular cross section: Sharp cutting edges

2) Gold Treated

Advanced memory alloy tech with elegant dark gold color

Controlled memory files

Gold thermal treatment: Enhances cutting efficiency

3) High Flexibility

Extreme Flexibility: To negotiate any canal

Super – flexible gold alloy

4) Tip

Advanced Tip Process, Avoid Forming Steps

Safety Tip: Non-Cutting tip to minimize apical transportation

5) Rust – free

Corrosion Resistant

6) Disinfection



Pack of 6 Nos Healix Control Memory Niti Files

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions N/A

21mm, 25mm


Assorted, F1, F2, F3, S1, S2, SX


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